History of Agriculture Street Landfill Case
Agriculture Street Landfill Class Action


On September 23, 2014, Judge Tiffany Chase issued the following Order:

<1993-14333, Johnson et al v. OPSB et al, Fairness Hearing.pdf>

Special Master Paul Valteau and his staff are conducting an extensive review of each and every one of the more than 7,000 claim forms filed in this case. They are attempting to determine who should receive a payment and how much each person is entitled to receive in settlement of his/her claim. This is a very serious and time consuming process.  Mr. Valteau and his staff have not completed the process, and this is why allocation letters have not been issued.  As soon as Mr. Valteau and his staff complete their review of each claim form, and determine the proper allocation/payment amounts for each class member, then allocation/payment letters will be issued well in advance of the February 2015 fairness hearing.

If you need to update your address for receipt of your allocation/payment letter, then please contact Attorney Robin Myers at the Murray Law Firm at 504-525-8100.  

As a reminder, there are four other attorneys working on this case other than Suzette Bagneris of The Bagneris Firm, L.L.C.   If you cannot reach us, please contact the other attorneys working on this case, i.e. Joseph Bruno [504-525-1335]; Linda Harang [504-483-3400]; Stephen B. Murray [504-525-8100]; and George Roux [504-568-1112].


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