History of Agriculture Street Landfill Case
Agriculture Street Landfill Class Action

Please note that after 20 years of serving as your Lead Counsel, I have scaled back my law practice and I am in the process of retiring from the practice of law. I will continue to work on the Agriculture Street Landfill Case because I am committed to completing this litigation for your community.  However, I am no longer operating a full scale law office, and I will no longer be the attorney for you to contact with changes of address and request for updates regarding the status of this litigation. I will continue to operate this website to provide you with updates regarding the litigation. Please contact Attorney Robin Myers of the Murray Law Firm with updates regarding your current contact information such as your address and telephone number. Ms. Myers can be reached at 504-525-8100.  

As a reminder, there are four other attorneys working on this case other than Suzette Bagneris of The Bagneris Firm, L.L.C.   If you cannot reach us, please contact the other attorneys working on this case, i.e. Joseph Bruno [504-525-1335]; Linda Harang [504-483-3400]; Stephen B. Murray [504-525-8100]; and George Roux [504-568-1112].

Note: There is no money to distribute to Class Members at this time.


Attached you will find the link to read the Landfill Flight I Trial Judgment and Reasons for Judgment. Click on the word to read the document.  JUDGMENT REASONS FOR JUDGMENT PART I REASONS FOR JUDGMENT PART II

Judge Tiffany Chase and Recent Developments in this Case

Judge Nadine Ramsey has resigned from her service as an Ad Hoc Judge in this case in order to run for City Council, Division "C".  We thank Judge Ramsey for her years of service presiding over this matter as a Civil District Court Judge and an Ad Hoc Judge. The case has been allotted to Civil District Court Judge Tiffany Chase, Division "A" for handling.  

Judge Chase recently held a status conference with the attorneys to discuss the future of this matter.  She approved various preliminary settlement agreements with the insurance companies involved in this matter, namely: U.S. Fire, National Union, and Republic Insurance Companies.  Based upon the appellate court's rulings on the insurance coverage issue, there is a limited amount of insurance coverage available to pay claims of class members.  Judge Chase will work with the attorneys to develop a settlement distribution protocol to ensure that funds are distributed fairly among class members based upon criteria that the Court will approve.  Judge Chase will also work with the attorneys to develop a method for notifying class members of the proposed settlements. Judge Chase will also determine a method for class members to object to the proposed settlement allocation. Finally, the Judge will preside over a fairness hearing in October 2014. 


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