History of Agriculture Street Landfill Case
Agriculture Street Landfill Class Action


On February 25, 2015, Judge Tiffany Gauthier Chase issued a Partial Final Judgment approving the Class Wide Settlement betwen the Plaintiffs and National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. The Court approved the Class Wide Settlement between the Plaintiffs and U.S. Fire Insurance Company. Both insurance companies provided insurance coverage to HANO at times pertinent to this litigation.  The Court awarded Class Counsel a fee in the total amount of 35.55% of the gross amount of the "common benefit fund," to be divided equally among Class Counsel Suzette Bagneris, Joseph M. Bruno, Linda S. Harang, Stephen B. Murray, and George J.G. Roux.  The Court further awarded 5.45% of the "common benefit fund" to Class Counsel to reimburse documented litigation costs and expenses. Finally, the Court approved a cost reserve for administrative costs and expenses in the amount of 10% of the gross "common benefit fund."  The Court acknowledged that the Class members reserved all of their rights to pursue the remaining defendants in this class action - the City of New Orleans, the Housing Authority of New Orleans, and the Orleans Parish School Board - for all sums that there defendants are liable to pay to the Class members, in accordane with the previous Judgments and Orders of the Court. A copy of the Partial Final Judgment is posted on this website. A few months must pass while appeal delays run. If there are no appeals filed, then the Claims Administrator will issue settlement checks by mail to all class members who were awarded funds in this Class Action. 

There are five other attorneys working on this case on behalf of the claimants: Suzette Bagneris [504-552-4828];  Joseph Bruno [504-525-1335]; Linda Harang [504-297-1245]; Stephen B. Murray (Robin Myers) [504-593-6999]; and George Roux [504-581-2177]. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE ATTORNEYS TO REPORT A CHANGE OF ADDRESS. THE ATTORNEYS CANNOT ADDRESS THE AMOUNT OF ANY ALLOCATION. THE AMOUNTS WERE DETERMINED BY THE SPECIAL MASTER.


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